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Maalkum Business Processing Solutions

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Maalkum services are quality and customer driven. We focus on timely, accurate project completion, no matter how complex the task; no matter how aggressive the project schedule. Our offshore outsourcing model provides flexible service offerings delivered from an advanced, state-of-the art facility by skilled professionals. We have a solution to fit every budget and client preference.

Data Processing

Includes all types of data entry; labels, Excel spreadsheet, sales data and contact information, yellow page and white page data entry, image file formats, transcription, book manuscripts, billing and invoices and catalogues, just to name a few.
data processing

Web and Internet Research

We offer a broad spectrum of premium research services including business trending and strategies, market research, educational, medical, legal, and political research and surveys and analysis. Whatever the research need – product, service, competitive or market – we can find the information you require and capture data in a report or a data base.

Inventory Transcription Services

A property inventory and schedule of condition report is key document for tenancy agreement, as it is a record of both the condition of a property and of any items left in the property just before a new tenant moves in. Maalkum offering the property inventory typing services for UK based Letting agents, property inventory companies, private landlords, independent clerks and relocation services.

We can type all reports such as Inventory, Check-out and Check-In or Interim and Short term Inspections using templates or a blank document and online portals.

We offer comprehensive range of high quality, time sensitive and cost-effective turnkey transcription solutions to any and every business segment that needs transcription services.

Maalkum has team of highly qualified professionals with their year of experience and quality of work meet our company standards and our client’s expectations. Their comprehension skill sets and potential are reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels. We are providing the output at the best turnaround time (TAT) at a very competitive price without any compromise in quality.

Data and Document Conversion

Our services include conversion of data from various databases and platforms, raw data to Microsoft Office conversion, eBook conversion, PDF and Adobe conversion and more. Clients may wish to convert HTML content to PDF or require a specific, unique format or layout. Whatever the need, we can provide the conversion service.
data conversion

Forms and Claims Processing

We can process structured forms such as forms in a tabbed or columnar format, as well as non-structured questionnaires and survey forms. We offer forms processing services for legal and email forms, market research forms, insurance forms and resumes as well as many other types of forms processing.
form processing